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Barking dogs don’t bite

Interesting observation: In Sweden there’s lots of dogs but hardly any barking. I don’t know when was the last time I heard a good old bark. I thought I heard one the other day but it turned out it was coming from the background of my Skype conversation with somebody back home:) I miss that sound, I miss having a choir of dogs keep me company as I walk down the street. Amazing how you can miss the little things you hardly notice back home:)


Near death experince, ID and sports museum…

I really thought I was going to die yesterday or at least end up with broken bones and lots of cuts and bruises. I was about to take the bus to Falun and pick up my Swedish ID, which is kind of a big deal so I was pretty excited about that. Despite the excitement I was running late, as always. Seven minutes till departure of the bus and I was still at home trying to buy the ticket online since it’s much cheaper. Continue reading “Near death experince, ID and sports museum…”

All about softball…

So happy that both of my teams made their way into the finals this year. On Friday Fastpitchke will be fighting for the title in Italian COED fastpitch league and on Saturday Leksand Lumberjacks have to win one more game to claim their second consecutive Swedish title! It’s going to be one hell of a weekend:) Keep your fingers crossed!

I miss…

The other day I realised that I miss thunderstorms. I guess it’s that time of the year and something is simply missing. I’m longing for that sound of heavy rain on the windowpane, the spectacular show of the lightnings and the roaring of thunder trying to steal some attention. Continue reading “I miss…”

Dubioza has done it again:)

This time everyone can enjoy and understand the social-critical lyrics…English subtitles included:)

Beautiful Stockholm

Finally I made it all the way to Stockholm. I was completely blown away by its beauty, atmosphere and pretty much everything.

Thanks to City Bikes we managed to see and experience a lot in a rather short period of time. The price is also very reasonable, 3 day pass costs about 165 sek (16€). I totally fell in love with funny looking, extremely easy to ride, versatile and anything but ordinary bikes.

Cycling is an easy and fast way to see the city and to get the feel of its vibe. The only downside is that you sometimes lose quite some time to find a parking spot at the bike terminal and end up driving some extra miles…since softball season is approaching with the speed of light I should be thankful for subtle conditioning. Continue reading “Beautiful Stockholm”

Spring is finally here….

Spring is finally here and I’m sooooo proud of my self for surviving Swedish winter! Those who know me know that I’m not a winter person. I live for the summer months when I can run around in my happy shorts, T-shirt and jump to any opportunity to slip out of all that and go for a swim in a pristine sea. I was just about to give up but now I’m full of energy, plans and cannot wait for another day to start.  Continue reading “Spring is finally here….”

Earth day 2017

I decided to celebrate Earth day by planting some seeds and now I cannot wait for them to see the light of day. I know it’s too soon but still…every morning I jump up and check if they made it through clay like Swedish soil. Continue reading “Earth day 2017”

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