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Quote of the day

“You don’t need big spaces to work on the little things that help you achieve big dreams:)”

And to paraphrase this…you don’t need big talent if you’re willing to work your a** off on the little things in order to….you know where I’m headed with this:)

Snowmobile getaway

This weekend I tried one of the hardest things ever…snowmobile riding. I for one always thought it was just like riding a bike on a nice Sunday sunny afternoon. Couldn’t be further from the truth:)

Well riding on tracks is easy but once you get “off road” that’s when the hard work and all the fun really begins. The world of opposites emerges as you struggle to reprogramme your mind to let you steer one way as you lean in the other. You ride at below zero temperatures in a belly deep snow, trees everywhere daring you to run into their trunks, branches just waiting to slap you in the face and make you pay for your mistakes instantly… Continue reading “Snowmobile getaway”

Hell Week is FUN:)

Time to change?

Wow! After taking a look at this map it really struck me. We do tend to take drinking and sometimes even drinking and driving a bit lightly in Slovenia. Maybe it’s time to change…for the better:) Continue reading “Time to change?”

Ups and downs

Here and there friends would ask me how come all my posts are so positive. They wonder if I have any bad days or issues living way up north all by myself.  Well one of the reasons I mostly write about the positive side of life is that I think there is too much negativity out there already, too much bad news and on the other hand I’m also not the kind of person that complains  a lot  or enjoys washing it’s dirty laundry in front of people:) But here it is. The one and only “let it all out” post:) Continue reading “Ups and downs”


Moose has been one of my obsessions ever since I got to Sweden. It’s an amazing animal, some sort of an mixture between a big, strong a bit funny looking  horse and an easy going a bit confused moss chewing cow. Continue reading “Moose”

I’m back…

Back to Sweden, back to work, back to being alone, back to Skype beer dates, back to hugging trees and looking forward to letters stuck to the window. The summer was phenomenal. I experienced so many new things, met old and new friends and most of all I really enjoyed life, people, nature and every second of every given day. It gave me a chance to be a tourist in my home town, notice the little things and fall in love with it all over again. Travelling really does broaden your horizons but at the same time you get a deeper appreciation for “home”:) Continue reading “I’m back…”

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