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Swedish Life Lesson #1

For the past few days the weather in Leksand has been all over the place. We’ve had just about everything… sun, snow, rain…. you name it. So, you can imagine the situation outside. One minute everything is melting, the other it looks like a scene from Frozen. Today I had to leave my house in a hurry to take care of yet another bureaucratic nonsense. Even though I saw that everything was frozen and took my first step extra carefully, I ended up on my ass. I thought to myself,  “this is going to be one hell of a walk”. At this point I had two options…get back inside, or keep on moving and try to make the best of it. I choose the latter of course:)

Somewhere along the way I realised this could very well be one of SWEDISH LIFE LESSONS. Here it is…

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Softball Winter FUNdamentals

Everyone knows I’m not a winter person. I live for the summer months. Sometimes I wish I could just hibernate until it’s warm enough to stroll around in shorts again. Since that is not an option, I try to make the best of it. Continue reading “Softball Winter FUNdamentals”

Welcome to my backyard


Letter from team Mesarji

At my farewell party I was handing out envelopes, so my friends and I could stay in touch during my stay in Sweden. So, a few days ago I got my first letter:) Continue reading “Letter from team Mesarji”

Swedish miles

Today was a great day! First we had team brunch, then I took a long way home along the beautiful coast of lake Siljan and on top of that, Ankan surprised me with a 2 Swedish miles long ice skating tour. It doesn’t sound a lot, until you learn that 1 Swedish mile is a unit of length standardised as 10 kilometres:) Learn something new every day.

Tip: Hockey ice skates weren’t meant for long distance ice skating… now I know why they invented the other ones:)


New roomate :)

I bought a plant:) I’m soooo happy I’ve got another life form in my little Swedish home, not taking into account the omnipresent bacteria and an occasional mold on food leftovers. Continue reading “New roomate :)”

Hockey time

Leksand is very proud of its hockey tradition. The Local team has won 4 national championship titles (in the good old days) and the whole town breathes for its team even at the times when they’re not doing so well. Since my social life up here is next to non-existent, I decided to treat myself with a hockey game for Valentines day. Continue reading “Hockey time”

Skating on lake Siljan

Finally I did something new, something Swedish and something fun:) Don’t get me wrong, I like my new work and everyday life, but sometimes I still need some excitement, something to get my blood and endorphins flowing. Continue reading “Skating on lake Siljan”

Got my first postcard…


…and is already displayed on the wall:)

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