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Hell Week is FUN:)


Ups and downs

Here and there friends would ask me how come all my posts are so positive. They wonder if I have any bad days or issues living way up north all by myself.  Well one of the reasons I mostly write about the positive side of life is that I think there is too much negativity out there already, too much bad news and on the other hand I’m also not the kind of person that complains  a lot  or enjoys washing it’s dirty laundry in front of people:) But here it is. The one and only “let it all out” post:) Continue reading “Ups and downs”

What a season!

Wow! What a softball season! In January I packed my bags and moved way up north to start working at a softball academy in Sweden. A dream come true:)  Shortly after I also joined a local softball team that managed to win both national (indoor&outdoor) titles in 2017.

It has been an interesting softball season to say the least:) Full of ups and downs, triumphs, falls and health issues. The later have forced me to work on other aspects of the game and help out my teams in any way I could. By coaching, helping with practices, mental game, cheering, guiding and team building. It has been a great learning experience that has showed me how much can accomplished if we aspire to help each other grow and what true leadership is all about. Continue reading “What a season!”

All about softball…

So happy that both of my teams made their way into the finals this year. On Friday Fastpitchke will be fighting for the title in Italian COED fastpitch league and on Saturday Leksand Lumberjacks have to win one more game to claim their second consecutive Swedish title! It’s going to be one hell of a weekend:) Keep your fingers crossed!

Spring Training


Softball Winter FUNdamentals

Everyone knows I’m not a winter person. I live for the summer months. Sometimes I wish I could just hibernate until it’s warm enough to stroll around in shorts again. Since that is not an option, I try to make the best of it. Continue reading “Softball Winter FUNdamentals”

Letter from team Mesarji

At my farewell party I was handing out envelopes, so my friends and I could stay in touch during my stay in Sweden. So, a few days ago I got my first letter:) Continue reading “Letter from team Mesarji”

Indoor Champions

This weekend I got the chance to play with my new team (Leksand Lumberjacks) at the Swedish Indoor Championship in Söderhamn and I absolutely loved it. Continue reading “Indoor Champions”

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