20170115_122907I must admit, I’m not good at these sorts of things, because I never know what to write, especially since I think you have to be in a little bit of a self absorbed mode to write a good CV. I rather let my appearance, deeds, energy or what ever you call it do the job. Here we go…

I had a lovely childhood, despite living only with my mother. Since she was working a lot and because I had no siblings I was forced to find my friends on the street, playground and that is where I think I got my social skills everybody I know is talking about. Being blessed with a healthy body (thank God) and thanks to my parents with a sane mind I could do pretty much anything I sat my mind to. In my whole school history I’ve been among better students, and one of the few that participated in pretty much any sport activity and competition you can imagine. One could say that sport has played a large role in my existence. The biggest passions so far have been tennis and softball. But nowadays I’m more and more drawn to outdoor, extreme activities like surfing, climbing and hiking.

I believe that most likely this is the only life I’m going to get, so a better make the most of it. That is why I try to notice the little things, try everything, experience as much as I can…that’s what is all about, isn’t it. It’s not about how much money I earn, or how many material possession I’ll pass on to my children or how many graduate degrees I have pined on the wall. Life is for living and not collecting. Well I do collect some things though, mostly knowledge that helps me on the way. Languages are essential, that is why I speak English, German, Croatian and a little bit of Spanish and French. So far I have been a tennis and baseball/softball coach, lifeguard; I’ve worked with underprivileged children from toughest parts of New York and children with spina bifida and juvenal rheumatoid arthritis. Just recently a started volunteering at a local youth centre where I work with underprivileged youngsters. More and more I try to get in touch with my artistic side by playing a flute and guitar, mostly at friendly gatherings. I love photography and painting. One for capturing the beauty around me and other for expressing my self and my vivid imagination. I believe imagination is essential. Where would we be, as a civilisation if it weren’t for people that saw more that met the eye?

Computer skills are also something I try to improve all the time. Nowadays it is essential to be up to date with the technology and all the benefits it offers. Basic computer knowledge is hardly enough these days that is why I’m also learning the ropes of graphic design and movie editing. For now these skills can only be seen on my blog but maybe some day they just may come in handy.

Otherwise I’ am a very outgoing, easygoing, active person. I love life, nature, people and all the little things. I love working with kids, passing on my knowledge and passion for life, especially because of their simple, noncritical and pure view on life and the world around them. Imagine where would the world be if the grown ups wouldn’t tend to lose touch with the innocent and pure child within. Just a few weeks ago a read this line written by an anonymous writer: growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional:) I couldn’t agree more.

As for the future I wish to work with people, children through humanitarian organisations or NGOs. Change the world (don’t laugh:) Change the world for one person, that’s enough.

This is just a little bit about me. Can’t put everything down on a piece of paper. After all I am a person not a number, or a list of accomplishments. I’m Savina.

a 60 second movie about me (made for the best job in the world application)