The other day I realised that I miss thunderstorms. I guess it’s that time of the year and something is simply missing. I’m longing for that sound of heavy rain on the windowpane, the spectacular show of the lightnings and the roaring of thunder trying to steal some attention.

I love it when the sound of rain rocks me to sleep and I don’t feel bad about being lazy and spending whole day in bed reading or just being. When the weather gets all sunny and we feel the constant need to be active and on the move, rainy days let us recuperate, relax and charge the batteries for all the future endeavours.

I found this on youtube….thought I’d share:) Great background sound for relaxation, sleeping, migraine symptoms soothing… Nature is amazing!

Well of course this also made think about all the times I got caught by a thunderstorm in the middle of nowhere. Like in Lesotho for example when I thought we were all going to die with nowhere to hide and lightnings striking all over the place. Somehow we survived. And then there was Ulcinj when Bari broke the world 100m record as we fled from the tent in the middle of the night just to barge into somebodies cottage unannounced. Growing up I got caught by thunderstorms gazillion times, usually on my bicycle. I love the feeling of freedom once you finally relax, make peace with the fact that you’re going to be all wet and muddy and enjoy every puddle on the way. Good memories, good memories indeed:)