Finally I made it all the way to Stockholm. I was completely blown away by its beauty, atmosphere and pretty much everything.

Thanks to City Bikes we managed to see and experience a lot in a rather short period of time. The price is also very reasonable, 3 day pass costs about 165 sek (16€). I totally fell in love with funny looking, extremely easy to ride, versatile and anything but ordinary bikes.

Cycling is an easy and fast way to see the city and to get the feel of its vibe. The only downside is that you sometimes lose quite some time to find a parking spot at the bike terminal and end up driving some extra miles…since softball season is approaching with the speed of light I should be thankful for subtle conditioning.

The whole city is webbed with cycle lanes and car drivers are sometimes even to considerate of pedestrians and cyclists. It drives me mad when someone stops for me to cross the street when I’m still some 20 m away from the crossing…I feel pressured and end up running over the street…I miss Balkan where zigzagging my way to the safety of the other side adds to life excitement…but can drastically decline life expectancy. So far so good:)

I’m not going to list all the places we visited, there are too many. Every house, street or a square looks like it could be put on a postcard. We caught a glimpse of all the “important” buildings (parliament, city hall, theatre, opera house, royal palace…) while cruising by and even managed to come across random things that turned out to be a big deal. Just as we were discussing how we didn’t want to wait for another half hour or so in this freaking cold to see the guard change thing when caught sight of the cherry trees and at that precise moment we also heard the marching band that apparently escorts the guards to the palace….win win:)

On top of everything we also managed to squeeze in some museum visits. I was totally blown away by Vasamuseet that tells a story of a glorious ship “Vasa” that sank just a few minutes after setting sail. It spent 333 years on the bottom of the sea before it got salvaged and reconstructed. Now you can admire its remains which are some 95% original…amazing! The visit really sparked my imagination:)

Next day it was all about taking a stroll through Skansen and getting to know Sweden its history, nature, food and customs…. I loved the place and I recommend a visit to anyone, even more so if you have kids.

Throughout our stay we had a chance to experience real Swedish April weather with snowing episodes followed by warm sunshine and repeated some 20 times. It made the place even more magical:)

At the very end of our visit we came across the place where the Stockholm attack took place. I was overwhelmed by the crowds gathering at the site, bringing flowers, writing post-it messages. Love truly will conquer all!

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