Spring is finally here and I’m sooooo proud of my self for surviving Swedish winter! Those who know me know that I’m not a winter person. I live for the summer months when I can run around in my happy shorts, T-shirt and jump to any opportunity to slip out of all that and go for a swim in a pristine sea. I was just about to give up but now I’m full of energy, plans and cannot wait for another day to start. 

Last month I had a bunch of visits from Slovenia. Of course that resulted in eating a lot of chocolate and I also drinking a bit more beer than usual:)  So, I decided to get back on track and try to get in some sort of shape. Yesterday I already did some additional conditioning programme after team practice and today I managed to get an hour of running/HIIT session in before the morning Swedish course. People that know me, also know that getting up in the morning is not my thing:) Hope I’ll manage to get my ass out of bed tomorrow as well…it is totally worth it:)

Finally we had an outdoor practice and I could wear only a T-shirt. Of course all of my academy T-shirts were dirty so I did some advertisement for Serbian softball. Interesting fact about Swedes….when it gets a bit warmer and sunnier they jump into their hot pants and try to soak up as much sun as possible. They have perfected their method of getting tan…bit by bit…whenever possible:)

Over the weekend I had a little workshop on different social media apps. Since I came here my students tried to explain to me the difference between FB, snap chat, Instagram and so on. Today I posted my first “thing” on Instagram and found my first cache on geocaching. Everyday try or learn something new. Can’t wait for tomorrow:)



Oh, and can never get enough of lake Siljans sunsets….I could really get used to this:)