At my farewell party I was handing out envelopes, so my friends and I could stay in touch during my stay in Sweden. So, a few days ago I got my first letter:) I don’t have my own postbox, so whenever I get mail, the janitor pins it to my door or puts it in a bag and hangs it on a doorknob. The latter is very convenient, because I don’t need to buy garbage bags:)

I love letters. I love writing and getting letters. Of course I hardly ever write one, but I love the idea of writing by hand, pouring thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper and then hoping that my sealed and stamped stream of thoughts will make it halfway across the world intact.

The first letter I received was from team Mesarji. The gym was closed due to a public holiday, so they had a “theoretical practise” instead. We have a special name for those kind of practices, we call them “suhi trening” which means “dry practice”….because we usually have those when it’s raining. The name is somewhat deceiving since these practises are anything but dry. Especially if you take into the account the amount of beer that is usually consumed during heated discussions that don’t involve only softball.  However, I guess they decided to write me a letter and make my day. You can only imagine the look on my face when I saw something pinned to my door that didn’t look like something that would involve me reaching for the wallet.


It’s been almost a week now and I’m still trying to decipher the whole thing. Let’s hope it doesn’t contain any important information:)

Let me use this opportunity to say a few words about team Mesarji. The name “Mesarji” means “Butchers” and it’s a very convenient name for Slovenian softball environment, where almost every softball team is named after an animal of some sort:) The name could very well announce a softball blood bath, but it merely indicates that founders of the team live (lived) on Butcher’s street (Mesarska cesta). The team gave me the opportunity to put my softball coaching knowledge, theories and creativity to the test. After some years, I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished and become. They are a team in a true sense of the word. They might not be the best on the field, but what they may lack in skill and experience, they make up with enthusiasm and love for the sport. They made me fall in love with softball once again as I got to see it through their inexperienced, naive, innocent eyes, full of expectations and big dreams.

I’m honoured to be a part of their/our story and to be their coach. Here’s to many more years to come:) Cheers!