Leksand is very proud of its hockey tradition. The Local team has won 4 national championship titles (in the good old days) and the whole town breathes for its team even at the times when they’re not doing so well. Since my social life up here is next to non-existent, I decided to treat myself with a hockey game for Valentines day. Luckily the members of local baseball and softball club volunteer at concessions kiosk at these events, so I got the chance to enter for free.

Sweden is currently ranked 5th in the world in both, men’s and women’s hockey. It has won the world title 6 times and is one of the two nations  that achieved a top five ranking every time

I had a great time, even more so because Leksand scored a win after a long time and everyone was in a good mood. In addition, because I didn’t have  a proper ticket, I was limited to an area reserved for local hardcore fans, which made it that much more interesting. Yes, I’m talking about the area for the ones wearing team apparel from head to toe and cheering without stopping.  Of course I was wearing a pink sweater which made it impossible for me to blend in with all the white and blue:) I did try my best to sing along…by learning the lyrics or just making them up:)

Here is a short peek inside the Tegera Arena.


High of the day: Enjoyed the display of macho men waving their sticks and trying to score:)