Finally I did something new, something Swedish and something fun:) Don’t get me wrong, I like my new work and everyday life, but sometimes I still need some excitement, something to get my blood and endorphins flowing. I’ve been in Sweden for weeks now and while my  “to do list” was getting longer and longer, I wasn’t getting any closer to crossing any of the things off. All that changed yesterday as I got the chance to ice skate on a frozen lake. Well, I’m not quite sure I should call it ice skating, since it’s more of a mixture between skating and cross country skiing.


Well, not everything went smoothly. It took me a while to find the renting place and thanks to ever present Mr. Murphy, I almost went home empty handed. After 20 min of walking, 20 min bus ride and another 20 min of walking, the woman at the counter told me that she doesn’t have shoes in my size. I wasn’t ready to take no for an answer now that adventure was finally within grasp, so I squeezed my feet into shoes 2 sizes smaller than the ones I normally wear and went on to have the best 1,5 hour I’ve had in a while. Lesson being….life begins at the end of your comfort zone:)

High of the day: I tried something new, the shoes were made by Alpina:)

You can check out more pictures here.