One of the things Leksand is known for, apart from its hockey tradition, is Leksands Knäckebröd, traditional Swedish crisp bread. The factory was founded in 1920 and still uses the same recipe as before which is based on the best quality rye flour, fresh spring water and a pinch of salt. Family oriented business, hard work and care for its workers has brought this small village bakery to be Sweden’s second largest bread factory.

They make a huge variety of different types with different flavours and methods. Thanks to Niklas, I got the chance to peek inside the factory and get a glimpse of how they make the dough, bake the bread and shape it in into its characteristic form. Of course I got home with a stock of bread that should last me at least 2 months:)



My first knäckebröd recipe is of course with strawberry jam:)