This weekend I got the chance to play with my new team (Leksand Lumberjacks) at the Swedish Indoor Championship in Söderhamn and I absolutely loved it. Even though I was freezing my ass off, it was great to be just playing and not having to deal with logistic, paperwork, tactics. We played at an indoor soccer field with no proper heating so I finally got the feeling I’m somewhere up north. The glove was almost frozen and hard…so you really had to squeeze the shit out of it sometimes just to keep the ball inside. We ended up winning the whole thing and I even got a gold medal and a gold pin that apparently every Swedish national champion get’s and it’s kind of a big deal:)

The championship is a part of SM -veckan (Swedish Championship Week) that determines the national champions in more than 20 different sports. It’s a real feast for all sport fanatics and I wish we had more time so I could check out some of the events, especially the sailing on ice skates, rally sprint…maybe next year:) You can see a short movie about the event here (check out 1:54:)


Once again I was reminded  how  beautiful the language of sport really is. It’s universal. Your race, religious beliefs, ethnic background don’t matter, what matters is that you love the sport , you love your team and that you push yourself and others to be the best they possibly can. If you put yourself out there everything else will just fall into place:)


High of the Weekend: enjoyed playing softball with my new team, winning the championship