It has been claimed that more people read the Ikea catalogue than the Bible – and that one in ten Europeans have been conceived on an Ikea bed.

I like to be on the move, but I also like to come home, “crawl” into my safe cocoon and forget about the rest of the world. When I was little  I used to move around so much that I nearly lost count of all the places I used to call home. Probably that’s also the reason why I feel at home pretty quickly and almost everywhere. Just give me a few minutes to get settled in by unpacking my clothes, displaying my books, putting up some photographs and up-cycling/recycling some of the on site material to better suit my needs and mood. Even If I go to a hotel, hostel I take the first 10 minutes to unpack and make it home away from home. The same goes for the camping:)

So, it’s been three weeks since I moved to Sweden and it was about time I did some redecorating at my new place, to give it some additional personal touch and increase functionality. Normally I’m also one of those people that love to change the living area every now and then, to better suit their current mood or state of mind.

Since I am a big fan of IKEA I was thrilled to go to one of the stores in its “native country”. We don’t have one in Slovenia (yet) so whenever I get the chance to visit one of the stores, I jump to the opportunity. It’s not just about buying stuff, It’s more about getting ideas for what you can do with a space around you. I love the way it’s user friendly, easy to assemble and how functionality of their products is only limited by your imagination. So I got a few storage solutions, kitchen utensils, kids stuff, washi tape and I was good to go. I couldn’t wait to get home and get started:)

IKEA was the first company to feature a portrayal of a gay relationship in one of its ads.

Apparently IKEA was founded back in 1943 by a 17 year old entrepreneur,  Ingvar Kaprad. The name is an acronym that consists of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad (name of founder), Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd (his hometown in Småland, southern Sweden).. Ingvar was was all about business ever since he was little and started making money by selling matches. Now he’s worth some 40 something billion, yet lives in a house almost fully furnished by Ikea products he assembled himself, he flies low fare airlines and likes to joke that he’s a Swedish Scotsman because of his stinginess.

An interesting read about the founder of IKEA, it’s history and interesting facts.


High of the day: my little room feels more and more like home:)