Growing up I was never a big fan of cross-country skiing. Whenever we had a school trip the more athletic kids were expected to go skiing and all others either xc skiing or skating.  Looking back I think that was a great shame as I could have been enjoying the beauty and benefits of this sport for years now. Thanks to Gabi I got introduced to the sport in my early 30s and loved it. I love the freedom of movement, the speed,  the demanding inclines and exciting downhills. You can use it as a sport to get those endorphin’s flowing or as a from of travel. One of these days I hope to embark on a hut to hut voyage on skis 🙂

Since I moved to Sweden and my social life is barely existing at the moment, I take every opportunity to experience the nature, surroundings and something new. So it is only normal that I went to Falun to experience the Swedish tradition.

27-29th January Falun was once again hosting World Cup in cross-country skiing. The whole thing is one big celebration of the sport and the outdoors. I loved how relaxed they all were, people, dogs and kids everywhere, all buttoned up and ready to face the cold. Friends chatting and cheering at the same time, groups drinking beer/wine and burning fires in the hobbit like forest surrounding the circuit. They cheer for everyone, never stop clapping and they are ever so proud  of their favourites. Even I got overwhelmed with national pride as our two best cross-country skiers, Katja Visnar and Vesna Fabjan, were biting their knees to get up the hill as fast as possible in the quarterfinals.  I hope that the sound of cheers in their native language gave them a little boost on their Calvary towards the finish line.

Unfortunately none of our competitors made it to the following rounds, so I kind of adopted the Swedes and ended up cheering for them. Luckily the local favourite, Stina Nillson, snatched the gold in a very close photo-finish and the crowd went crazy:)


High of the day: Seeing Slovenian skiers, Sweden getting gold medal, got to know Bandy:)

More pics from Falun you can find here, the wmns final you can watch here.